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Counseling Works

At EGS Counseling you will find professionals with extensive educational background and professional training. We are down-to-earth individuals who both live and understand the human experience and struggles of daily life.

We have extensive expertise in a variety of areas, including depression, anxiety, grief and loss, relationship and marital difficulties, divorce and life transitions, adolescent behavior problems, ADHD, parenting issues, eating disorder, personality disorders, abuse and trauma, and adjustment difficulties.

Invest In Yourself

Deciding to work with someone to improve your life is a very important and private decision. By committing to this process you are choosing to make an investment in yourself, your health, and your well-being.

You have the wisdom to invest your time, energy, and money in improving your well-being and overall quality of life. Therefore, you deserve results and the most personalized service and the best quality of care available. We support you by offering our services in English, Spanish, and Portuguese. That is our commitment to you.

Hardship Assessments I-601

There is a significant emotional and psychological hardship on family (spouse, children, or elderly parents) when an individual faces deportation. A hardship evaluation done by a mental health professional documents and explains this hardship to immigration professionals.

EGS Counseling conducts in-depth immigration hardship assessments using both clinical interview and objective mental health tests and assessments to produce the best evidence to support your petition. We collaborate with immigration attorneys locally and nationally.



Eliane Stefango is a family counselor in Oak Brook Illinois




Eliane is a family counselor with offices in Oak Brook, Illinois

Eliane is the president and founder of EGS Counseling, a company focused in the advancement of the human potential.


Eliane is a family counselor with offices in Oak Brook, Illinois

A dedicated  mental health professional focused in the treatment and healing of trauma.


Eliane is a family counselor with offices in Oak Brook, Illinois

A critical thinker with a lifelong interest in developing special gifts within you that will result in an extraordinary quality of life.

a group of women in a conference room discuss issues facing women today

About the Group

A new group for Latino women to work on self-esteem and educate themselves about the roots of domestic violence, sexual abuse, and trauma. Get valuable resources and learn coping mechanisms. Cost is $100 for all six sessions.


Our last summer program was a success and we’ve decided to start another program in 2019.  Sessions will start in February 18, 2019 and last through March 25, 2019.. We’ll meet every Monday as always from 6:00 to 8:00 pm. Please plan ahead.


EGS Counseling offices at 2625 Butterfield Road, Suite 138 S in Oak Brook, Illinois.  Please call 773 979-4438 to enroll.

Host & Sponsor

Course will be led by Eliane & Rosie Valencia. Sessions will be in Spanish.

Please call 773 979-4438 to enroll.


Our next series is scheduled to start in February 18, 2019 and last through March 25, 2019. Well meet every Monday from 6:00 to 8:00 pm, at 2625 Butterfield Road, Suite 138 S, in Oak Brook, IL 60523. Sessions will be in Spanish.

The themes for the sessions are:

  • Who am I? and Coping Strategies
  • Self-Esteem and Influences of Past Traumas
  • Dating and Cultural concepts (familismo, machismo, marianismo)
  • Healthy Relationships and domestic violence
  • Factors influencing Relationships and Talking to Children
  • Resources and Graduation

This course is supported by Catherine Marrs Fuchsel, Professor at the University of Saint Catherine in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  Certificates will be distributed in the end of the course.  The curriculum for these series of group sessions is based on the book “Si, Yo puedo”, by Professor Marrs Fuchsel.

Please call 773 979-4438 to enroll.

map showing location at 2625 Butterfield Road in Oak Brook, Illinois

About the PTSD Group

We’re starting a new group for Indian men and women to educate them in post-traumatic stress disorder symptoms and recovery. The course will be led in English but with a translator at hand who speaks Gujarati. The cost will be for $100.00 for three sessions and can be paid with money order, check, or credit card.


The program will take three weeks, two hours per week, and will be led by myself and Mina Patel, RT, from August 15, 2018 through August 29, 2018, every Wednesday from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm.


EGS Counseling offices at 2625 Butterfield Road, Suite 138 S in Oak Brook, Illinois.  Please call 773 979-4438 to enroll.

Details About Our PTSD Group

The program will take three weeks, two hours per week, and will be led by myself and Mina Patel, RT, from August 15, 2018 through August 29, 2018, every Wednesday from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm.

The themes for the sessions are:

  • Introduction and trauma definition
  • What happens to body and mind during a trauma
  • Normal stress responses: the brain factor
  • What is Post-Traumatic Stress and Acute Stress Disorder?

Certificates of attendance will be distributed in the end of the course.

The curriculum for this series of group sessions is based on my experience working with the Indian population and their difficulties facing the negative experience of trauma.

The certificate can be used as proof that you are doing something to get better from the traumatic experience.

Please call 773 979-4438 to enroll.

map showing location at 2625 Butterfield Road in Oak Brook, Illinois


When Are Appointments Available?2017-09-25T07:39:56+00:00

Eliane is available for appointments Monday through Friday from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm.

When appropriate, counseling services are also available via Skype.

What Forms Of Payment Do You Accept?2017-09-25T07:39:16+00:00

Payment is made at the time of service and the accepted payment methods are ACH Bank transfer, American Express, Cash, Check, Discover, Health Savings Account, and Mastercard.

Most insurance companies will cover mental health services on an out-of-network basis and will reimburse clients for a percentage of the session fees. I am happy to provide you with a monthly statement of services provided and fees paid, which you may then submit to your health insurance plan for reimbursement. Since coverage varies between insurance plans, please check with your insurance company to verify your benefit information prior to your initial session.

Please note, when using insurance all diagnoses become part of your permanent medical record. For this reason, some clients prefer to remain self-pay.

What Is Your Cancellation Policy?2017-09-25T07:38:44+00:00

Cancellation of an appointment requires 24-hour advanced notice. Otherwise, the client will be charged for the full cost of the missed session.

How Long Will Counseling Sessions Take?2017-09-25T07:38:21+00:00

Typically, counseling sessions takes place in weekly sessions, which last about 30 to 50 minutes each. Depending on your primary issues and treatment goals, we may decide that fewer or more frequent sessions would be best.

Immigration Hardship Assessments may take two hours or more, depending on your situation.

Are Evaluations For I-601 / I-601A in English Only?2018-08-11T01:04:14+00:00

We conduct hardship evaluations in English and Spanish.  We can accommodate other languages during the interview but the printed evaluation is always in English.

Are Our Discussions Confidential?2017-09-25T07:36:25+00:00

All information disclosed within sessions is confidential and may not be revealed without prior written permission from our client, except where disclosure is required by law. Exceptions to confidentiality required by law include:
– Reasonable suspicion of child, dependent or elder abuse or neglect.
– Expressed intent to harm yourself or another person.


The insurance plans we accept are: Aetna, BlueCross and BlueShield, Cigna, Humana, and United Healthcare.

Services may be covered in full or in part by your health insurance or employee benefit plan. Please check your coverage carefully by asking the following questions:
-Do I have mental health insurance benefits?
-What is my deductible and has it been met?
-How many sessions per year does my health insurance cover?
-What is the coverage amount per therapy session?
-Is approval required from my primary care physician?

Why Are You A Better Choice For My Family2017-09-25T07:30:40+00:00


We don’t just talk about providing quality services, we take real steps to insure that every client receives the best possible services:
– We have a dedicated, skilled and caring staff. Our therapists are highly trained professionals who are committed to helping you and your family.
– EGS Counseling provides in-service training to our therapists to help them enhance their skills and stay current with the latest developments in the field.
– When you first call you will talk to one of our therapists because by having you talk to a therapist first, we can more effectively evaluate your needs.
– We match you with the therapist who best fits your needs.
– If at any point you decide a different therapist might be more helpful to you, we will work with you to find a new therapist.
– If we believe other professionals are a better fit for you or your family, we will do our best to provide you with referrals.
– We have clear data that supports our effectiveness.

We know you have a choice of therapists and appreciate your preference.

How Long Will It Take?2017-09-25T07:29:29+00:00

Everyone responds differently to healing. Our approach is to reduce interference with your ability to heal. For that reason we urge you to keep your appointments because your care schedule is based on the results that millions of people have enjoyed.

If we don’t see you frequently enough, correcting negative patterns may take longer, that’s why keeping your appointments is so important.

Mental health, unlike medical treatment, is a partnership and without your participation, it will take longer to see results, especially with long-standing problems that have been neglected. Our motive is to support you in attaining optimal mental health.

EGS Counseling PDF brochure

Download Our Latest Brochure

The 2017 edition of our brochure is in PDF format.  You will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader or similar software that reads PDF files in order to view our brochure.



EGS Counseling offices are located in Oak Brook Illinois


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EGS Counseling is a center for positive change — we are Oak Brook mental health professionals with offices in Oak Brook, Illinois — and can help your family with a wide range of problems and concerns.

We specialize in the healing of trauma and treating children and adolescents with emotional and behavioral problems including school and achievement problems, attachment disorders; Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (assessment and treatment for all ages); marital problems including infidelity and communication problems; family and relationship problems; parenting and step-parenting concerns; depression, bipolar disorder, panic disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder and other anxiety disorders; grief and loss; and work related problems, stress management, and anger management.

Our easy to reach location in Oak Brook offers evening and weekend hours, and we accept most insurance plans. Besides individual, family, and marital therapy, we offer psychological testing. Many of our therapists have many years of experience and extensive post-degree training. We offer insight oriented, psycho-dynamic, family, marital, play and cognitive behavioral therapy.

If you want to learn more about our services please give us a call or stop by our office. With a diverse staff we can help you find the therapist who is right for you

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